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The prism refraction pane computes the refraction of a ray through a prism. The input values are the index of the surrounding media n, the index of the prism material n', the angle of incidence of the input ray relative to the surface normal of the entrance face φ1 and the prism apex angle α. The pane then computes the beam deviation δ and the angle of the output beam relative to the surface normal of the output face fout. In addition the Prism Refraction pane also computes the angle of minimum deviation for the prism δmin as well as the input angle for minimum deviation φ1min.

Prism Refraction Calculation Page

Under certain conditions the output beam cannot emerge from the prism due to total internal reflection. When this occurs "Error" will be reported for the deviation angle δ and the output angle φout as shown below.

Prism Refraction Calculation Page

The computation is performed wither when you press the Compute key or when you complete the entry of a number by pressing the return key on the pop-up keyboard.

A Note On Units

All angles are in degrees.

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